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cookiecutter template for a Mopidy extension.

The template sets up a project with:

  • a readme explaining how to install and configure the extension,
  • a license file with the Apache License,
  • a Python module with an empty Mopidy extension,
  • an empty test suite executed with pytest,
  • continuous integration using GitHub Actions,
  • test coverage reporting to Codecov,
  • a file for releasing and installing the extension as a Python package, and
  • a GitHub Action to automatically upload packages to PyPI when a GitHub Release is created, if the GitHub repo has a PYPI_TOKEN secret set.


  1. Install `cookiecutter`:

    python3 -m pip install cookiecutter
  2. Generate a Mopidy extension project:

    cookiecutter gh:mopidy/cookiecutter-mopidy-ext
  3. Create a Git repo from the generated project.
  4. Make your Mopidy extension do something.
  5. Release the extension to PyPI.

Further reading

To learn more about creating Mopidy extensions, please read the docs on extension development.