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Plugins for Magnum graphics engine
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Here are various plugins for Magnum C++11/C++14 OpenGL graphics engine. If you don't know what Magnum is, see


You can either use packaging scripts, which are stored in package/ subdirectory, or compile and install everything manually. The building process is similar to Magnum itself - see Magnum documentation for more comprehensive guide for building, packaging and crosscompiling.

Minimal dependencies

  • C++ compiler with good C++11 support. Currently there are two compilers which are tested to have everything needed: GCC >= 4.7 and Clang >= 3.1. On Windows you can use MinGW. GCC 4.6, 4.5, 4.4 and MSVC 2013 support involves some ugly workarounds and thus is available only in compatibility branch.
  • CMake >= 2.8.9
  • Corrade, Magnum -- The engine itself

Compilation, installation

The plugins can be built and installed using these four commands:

mkdir -p build && cd build
make install

None of the plugins is built by default, see Doxygen documentation for more information about particular plugins and their sdependencies.

Building and running unit tests

If you want to build also unit tests (which are not built by default), pass -DBUILD_TESTS=ON to CMake. Unit tests use Corrade's TestSuite framework and can be run using

ctest --output-on-failure

in build directory. Everything should pass ;-)


Want to learn more about the library? Found a bug or want to tell me an awesome idea? Feel free to visit my website or contact me at:


See file for details. Big thanks to everyone involved!


Magnum is licensed under MIT/Expat license, see COPYING file for details.

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