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Update (2015-07-30): this version is now unstable due to
Docker's new install script.

First stable version

usage: .travis.yml

    - BRANCH=v1.0.0
    - QUIET=1

sudo: true

  - curl -sLo - http://j.mp/install-travis-docker | sh -xe

  - ./run 'docker build -t test . && docker run test'
  - ./run 'docker-compose up -d blog && docker ps'
  • First "stable" version
  • /var/lib/docker is mounted as tmpfs (limited to 2Gib)
  • No persistency between ./run calls
  • Optional packages fig and docker-compose are installed by default and
    can be skiped with UML_FIG=0 UML_DOCKERCOMPOSE=0
  • Verbose mode is enabled by default and can be disabled with QUIET=1
  • Default storage driver is aufs and can be changed using