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Garmr is a tool to inspect the responses from websites for basic security requirements.

Garmr includes a set of core test cases implemented in corechecks that are derived from the Mozilla Secure Coding Guidelines


This version of Garmr requires Requests > 0.8.3

git clone
cd Garmr
sudo python install
garmr -u


usage: Runs a set of tests against the set of provided URLs
   [-h] [-u TARGETS] [-f TARGET_FILES] [-S] [-m MODULES] [-D] [-p] [-d]
   [-r REPORT] [-o OUTPUT] [-c OPTS] [-e EXCLUSIONS] [--save DUMP_PATH]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Add a target to test
  -f TARGET_FILES, --target-file TARGET_FILES
                        File with URLs to test
  -S, --new-sessions    Create new Session for each test
  -m MODULES, --module MODULES
                        Load an extension module
  -D, --disable-core    Disable corechecks
  -p, --force-passive   Force passives to be run for each active test
  -d, --dns             Skip DNS resolution when registering a target
  -r REPORT, --report REPORT
                        Load a reporter e.g. -r reporter.AntXmlReporter
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Default output is garmr-results.xml
  -c OPTS, --check OPTS
                        Set a parameter for a check (check:opt=value)
                        Prevent a check from being run/processed
  --save DUMP_PATH      Write out a configuration file based on parameters
                        (won't run scan)

A TARGET is an http or https scheme url to execute tests against.
 e.g. garmr -u http://localhost

A MODULE is the name of a module; resolving this path needs to be improved
 e.g. garmr -m djangochecks (Experimental)

An OPTS field contains the path and name of the option to set
 e.g. garmr -m webchecks -c webchecks.RobotsTest:save_contents=True

A REPORT is the namespace qualified name of a reporter object or a valid alias (xml is the only current valid alias, and the default)
 e.g. garmr -r xml

An EXCLUSION prevents a check from being executed
 e.g. garmr -e WebTouch

Disable core checks will prevent all of the checks in corechecks from being loaded; this is useful to limit the scope of testing.


See Issues on Github