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Rust's primary documentation, including the tutorial, guides and manual, are on the Rust website.

  • Master - documentation for the 'master' branch of the git repository.
  • Release 0.10 - documentation for the latest release.

Additional supplementary documentation is maintained here on the wiki.

Other documentation

Teaching Rust
Rust for Rubyists - Excellent introduction to Rust
Examples - Where to look for examples of Rust
Releases - Links to current and old releases and documentation
Detailed release notes - Further explanation of language changes
Community libraries - A curated list of external libraries for Rust
Rust for C++ programmers - A cheat sheet
Rusticon - A glossary of terms commonly used in Rust and Rust tools.
The Periodic Table of Rust Types
Unit testing - Writing tests and running them with the built-in test driver
Using rustpkg - Managing packages
Using rustdoc - How to extract Markdown and HTML documentation from code
Package documentation - Documentation for rust packages
Continuous integration - Test your GitHub-hosted packages with Travis CI
Reading and writing files
Attributes - The role of metadata in Rust code, with descriptions of many applications
Packages, editors, and other tools
Packaging Terminology
Crate Hashes - How Rust generates crate filenames, versions symbols, and why
Computer Graphics and Game Development - Libraries and example projects
Présentation du langage Rust - Detailed documentation in French, with examples
Building for Android
Building for iOS
UVA Rust tutorial



People sometimes write about Rust. Interesting stuff usually appears on r/rust.

Some Rust classics:


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