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DiffStat is a plugin that runs git diff --stat in a new Vim window. It allows for easy file navigation, by jumping to the file under the cursor when Enter is pressed.

The standard command line returns paths relative to the git toplevel directory, not the working directory. It also simplifies paths, which breaks jumping by file names. This plugin aims to correct those two problems, while displaying the output in a syntax-highlighted 80-character window.

This plugin also integrates with Fugitive, allowing one to easily jump to, or diff against, other revisions.


It's recommended that you install the plugin using Pathogen or Vundle. After the plugin is installed update your help tags and see :help DiffStat for instructions on how to use and configure the plugin.


This plugin can be invoked using the :DiffStat command. When inside a repo, run :DiffStat [commits..] to open the DiffStat window. See :help DiffStat-usage for more details.

An example of this would be :DiffStat HEAD~1 to view a diff against the parent of the current tip.

The following key mappings are supported when the cursor is over a file:

  • <cr> (Enter) - Jumps to the file.
  • D - Opens a diff of the file against a particular revision. (Requires Fugitive)
  • e - Opens the file against a particular revision. (Requires Fugitive)


One can easily remap <leader>d, for example, to view the last couple commit points by adding the following to you .vimrc: noremap <leader>d :DiffStat HEAD HEAD..HEAD~1 HEAD~1..HEAD~2<cr>


Using :DiffStat HEAD HEAD~1 on the OpenJDK7 source: DiffStat Screenshot

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