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Today Plugin (x86) - A Plugin For x64dbg

Current version: - Last updated: 01/05/2017 For the x64 version of this plugin, visit here


A plugin to lists days of interest: national, commemorative, awareness or international observance days


  • Change x64dbg title and/or icon for specific days
  • Option to allow icon change to persist whilst debugging (reverts to default icon otherwise)

How to install

  • If x32dbg (x64dbg 32bit) is currently running, stop and exit.
  • Copy the Today.dp32 to your x64dbg\x32\plugins folder.
  • Start x32dbg


Day entries compiled from the following links:

Apologies in advance if any information is incorrect.

Please note: Not all entries have an icon. Not all days have an entry. Some days have multiple entries. Some days have multiple icons.

The plugin contains 267 unique icons and 1012 unique day entries.