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Documentation on MTConnect® can be found on the MTCup site (MTConnect User Portal).

Technical documentation surrounding MTConnect® can be found on the MTConnect® Model Browser generated from the SysML model.

Projects are documented by their maintainers and contributors. See individual projects for their detailed documentation.


Anyone looking to help is welcome to. If you're looking for open items, take a look at the Issues board or the Project board.

Additionally, contributors are invited to join the MTConnect Standards Committee and participate in the frequent MTConnect Validation Working Group where we discuss work relavent to tools like the MtconnectCore project.


  1. cppagent cppagent Public

    C++ Agent toolkit - Pre-built binaries, visit: Docker images available at

    C++ 133 88

  2. dot_net_sdk dot_net_sdk Public

    An assembly for the Microsoft .NET framework, based on the MC2 class.

    C# 24 23

  3. mc2-adapter-lab mc2-adapter-lab Public

    MC2 Adapter Lab Project - SDK moved to

    C# 10 13

  4. schema schema Public

    12 16

  5. mc2-app-lab mc2-app-lab Public

    MTConnect MC2 Application Lab

    C# 1 3

  6. mtconnect_sysml_model mtconnect_sysml_model Public

    SysML Model for MTConnect

    JavaScript 8 3


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