[Chrome extension] Open GitHub notifications with shortcuts in Gmail.
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Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail

This is a Chrome extension/Firefox addon(out of date) that allows you to open threads in GitHub notification emails with a shortcut.


Mail View Shortcut

Open your GitHub notifications using a shortcut (default to shift + g, or shift + b to open in the background in Chrome), or this button in mail view:

Mail view button

List View Shortcut

The shortcut is ctrl + return(enter) (currently non-customizable). It will trigger one the action button when an email is selected using key navigation (when the blue bar appears):

action button in list view

Mute Thread

If you no longer want to receive notifications for a certain thread on GitHub, click the Mute thread button or using a shortcut shift + h, it will open a background window to load the mute thread request, and close itself when done.

Mute thread button



The Easy Way

Install the extension via Chrome webstore.

The Mu-An-might-steal-all-my-data-so-I-want-to-manually-load-it Way (for Chrome)

  1. Go to Releases and download the latest version.
  2. Unzip the folder wherever you'd like.
  3. Read Mu-An's code, making sure there is no data stealing.
  4. Go to Chrome extensions page (chrome://extensions/) and load the folder as an Unpacked extension.


load unpacked


Install the addon via Firefox addons gallery

Firefox addon is out of date, see https://github.com/muan/github-gmail/issues/70.

Options and preferences

There are 3 preference settings:

  1. Custom domains
  2. Mail view shortcut
  3. List view regular expression

Attention After updating a setting, please refresh both the extensions page and the Gmail page.

Custom Domains (for GitHub Enterprise)

If you are using GitHub Enterprise and have a custom domain, you can set it in the extension options page.

domain option

Mail View Shortcut

Customize the keyboard shortcut that triggers the View on GitHub button. Change the shortcut combination by focusing the input, and press whatever key(s) you want to be the shortcut. It will be displayed in keyCode which is why you see 71 here instead of g. Don't worry about it.

To open and focus the new window right away (shift + g):


To open a new window in the background (shift + b) – Chrome only:


To mute a thread in the background (shift + h) – Chrome only:



Chrome: chrome/src/inject/inject.js.
Firefox: firefox/data/index.js.

The End

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