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MudPi Smart Automation for the Garden & Home

MudPi Smart Automation for the Garden & Home

A python package to gather sensor readings, trigger components, control devices and more in an event based system that can be run on a linux SBC, including Raspberry Pi.


For full documentation visit


Install MudPi using the Installer that will guide you through the process. You can also view the manual install instructions


For examples and guides on how to setup and use MudPi check out the free guides available.


MudPi core is open source and has a bunch of free resources built around it. Being a solo developer it has become quite a lot to maintain the various areas of the project. It makes me happy seeing how MudPi has helped many people worldwide. I would like to continue working on MudPi and put even more time into the project to take on bigger ambitions. However it has come to a point that MudPi is taking more time to build with little to no income to help justify it. I really could use help from the community to continue building MudPi. If you like my work and MudPi please consider helping me fund the project and keep the lights on.


Any contributions you can make will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in contributing please get in touch with me and submit a pull request. There is much more I would like to add support for, however being a single developer limits my scope. Therefore mainly bugs will be accepted as issues.





MudPi Hardware

There are custom circuit boards designed around MudPi available.


This project is licensed under the BSD-4-Clause License - see the file for details

MudPi Smart Garden