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This is the source repo for the in-progress book Game Programming Patterns. Issues and pull requests are more than welcome!

Building the Book

The book is written in Markdown (in book/). A little Python script (script/ converts that along with a SASS file (asset/style.scss) and HTML template (asset/template.html) to the final HTML (in html/). To run the format script locally, you'll need to have Python 2.7-ish, and install Python Markdown, Pygments, and SmartyPants:

$ pip install markdown
$ pip install pygments
$ pip install smartypants

You may need sudo for those. Once that's done, you can run:

$ python script/

Make sure to run this from the root directory of the repo. That will regenerate all of the chapter and section intro HTML files. If you're editing stuff, the script can also be run in watch mode:

$ python script/ --watch

That will monitor the file system for changes to the markdown files, SASS file, or HTML template, and reprocess them as needed.

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