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Tiny pandoc and TeX for CI

This is a minimal (about 63MB) version of LaTeX I created so that I can regenerate my resume automatically from markdown using continuous integration. The repository consists of a single bash file. This file downloads the 0 (minimal) version of TinyTeX and pandoc. It then installs the particular packages that I personally need for my markdown documents.

These packages can be changed on line 29 of generate.bash.

The basic usage is to download and extract the release on your continuous integration system

wget -O vtex.tar.gz -nv ""
tar xzf vtex.tar.gz

and then run pandoc. For example:

./vtex/bin/x86_64-linux/pandoc -t latex --pdf-engine="./vtex/bin/x86_64-linux/pdflatex" --template="./_latex/resume-template.latex" -o "./assets/resume.pdf"

This package has been tested on vercel and GitHub Actions. You may need to install wget or curl on your CI system to download it.

This is currently being used on the repository for my website. You can see how it is used in my install script and my build script.