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Solargraph extension for coc
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Ruby language server extension using solargraph for coc.nvim.


Install solargraph by:

gem install solargraph

In your vim/neovim, run command:

:CocInstall coc-solargraph


Coc support all features of solargraph

Configuration options

  • solargraph.enable set to false to disable Solargraph language server.
  • solargraph.trace.server trace LSP traffic in output channel.
  • solargraph.filetypes default to ['ruby'].
  • solargraph.commandPath the absolute path of solargraph command, find from $PATH by default.
  • solargraph.checkGemVersion automatically check if a new version of the Solargraph gem is available.

Trigger completion in your coc-settings.json to get full list.

Better gem integration

If you generate YARD docs for your gems, Solargraph will do a better job of resolving file paths and documentation.

To generate docs for your current gems, run yard gems

To ensure YARD docs are auto-generated for future gem installs, run yard config --gem-install-yri to update your ~/.gemrc settings file.



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