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Projects for NeonForge, LLC.
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Lib #791: Better Cadence overview documentation Mar 30, 2020
Services BREAKING: #782: KubeService liveness/readiness probes Mar 22, 2020
Snippets #791: Discuss how cross platform workflows work Mar 31, 2020
Test #789: Implement ExceptionResult, ExceptionResult<T>, and CatchAllExce… Mar 29, 2020
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LICENSE New license: Apache License, Version 2.0 Feb 4, 2019 [doc]: Tweaks Nov 20, 2019 [cadence]: Fixed the CadenceSetting.BinaryPath implementation. Dec 22, 2019
buildenv.cmd [doc]: Cadence documentation in progress. Nov 14, 2019
kube-version.txt add powershell build script Sep 30, 2019
neonKUBE.sln #733: I've reverted the change to `ContainerFixture.GetHostInterface()` Dec 21, 2019 Encrypted git passwords with new devops password. Mar 4, 2018
product-version.txt RELEASE: v1.2.2 Mar 4, 2020

Neon: Open Source Libraries and Kubernetes Distribution

Neon/neonKUBE is an open source project released under the MIT license. This project includes several class general purpose libraries published as nuget packages (known as the Neon libraries) as well as a nacent Kubernetes distribution called neonKUBE which is still very much a work in progress.

The central theme behind these projects is to fill in some gaps developers encounter when developing scalable services intended to be hosted on public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, or hosted within in private datacenters. Here's a link to the documentation:

Neon Developers

See for setup instructions.

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