Simple web-based SSH, remote shell in your browser
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Web Console is a web-based application that allows to execute shell commands on a server directly from a browser (web-based SSH). The application is very light, does not require any database and can be installed and configured in about 3 minutes.

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Web Console


Installation process is really simple:

  • Download latest version of the Web Console.
  • Unpack archive and open file webconsole.php in your favorite text editor.
  • At the beginning of the file enter your $USER and $PASSWORD credentials, edit any other settings that you like (see description in the comments).
  • Upload changed webconsole.php file to the web server and open it in the browser.

About author

Web Console has been developed by Nickolay Kovalev. If you have interest job offers, you can see him contacts at his CV. Also, various third-party components are used.

Used components



Web Console is licensed under GNU LGPL Version 3 license.