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Bundle Python into an AppDir using a source distribution and linuxdeploy
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A Python plugin for linuxdeploy Build Status

For developers

This is a plugin for linuxdeploy. It helps building lightweight Python based AppImage applications by bundling a minimalist source distribution of Python inside an AppDir. Extra site specific packages can be bundled as well using pip, E.g. binaries from PyPi. Specific instructions for building and configuring the image are located on the wiki.

For users

Ready to use AppImage distributions of Python are provided below or in the release area. A one liner example is:

wget -cq && chmod u+x python3-x86_64.AppImage && ./python3-x86_64.AppImage

which will install and run a Python instance. See the instructions on the wiki for more detailed usage.

Downloadable AppImages

Python 2 Python 3 Scipy Plugin

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