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FarNet FarNet Wiki

FarNet is the Far Manager platform for .NET modules, Windows PowerShell, and F#.

Far Manager is a file manager for Microsoft Windows. In addition to file system tools it provides the console command line, file viewer, and text editor with syntax highlighting.

Far Manager is also the platform for numerous plugins. Plugins can be created using its C and Pascal API or using wrappers which allow development in other languages.

FarNet is such a wrapper. It exposes the .NET API in object oriented way and provides the runtime infrastructure for its modules.

PowerShellFar implements the Windows PowerShell host and turns Far Manager into the console based integrated scripting environment. FSharpFar provides F# interactive and editor services. Other modules are various tools.

Development framework and modules

  • FarNet - .NET API for Far Manager and the platform for modules
  • PowerShellFar - Windows PowerShell host, scripts, modules
  • FSharpFar - F# interactive, scripting, and editor services

Various tool modules

  • RightWords - Spell-checker and thesaurus in editors and editor controls
  • FolderChart - Folder item sizes in a chart with some interaction
  • RightControl - Makes editor actions to work like in other editors
  • CopyColor - Copy text with syntax highlighting to clipboard
  • Vessel - View/Edit/Save/SELect - file history tools
  • Drawer - Editor color drawers

HelpDown - tools for composing Far Manager help in markdown

For building FarNet on your own

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