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Python package to access a cacophony of neuro-imaging file formats
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MRG: Add an 'axis' parameter to concat_images, plus two tests

Add ability to concatenate images over given axis, with tests.

Closes #207
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Read / write access to some common neuroimaging file formats

This package provides read +/- write access to some common medical and neuroimaging file formats, including: ANALYZE (plain, SPM99, SPM2 and later), GIFTI, NIfTI1, NIfTI2, MINC1, MINC2, MGH and ECAT as well as Philips PAR/REC. We can read and write Freesurfer geometry, and read Freesurfer morphometry and annotation files. There is some very limited support for DICOM. NiBabel is the successor of PyNIfTI.

The various image format classes give full or selective access to header (meta) information and access to the image data is made available via NumPy arrays.


Current documentation on nibabel can always be found at the NIPY nibabel website.

Mailing Lists

Please see the nipy devel list. The nipy devel list is fine for user and developer questions about nibabel.


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:


Nibabel is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Some code included with nibabel is licensed under the BSD license. Please see the COPYING file in the nibabel distribution.

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