An Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions.
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This moves the logic of indentation of the first line of the file from
the logic of indenting the first line of a block of any kind. This
greatly simplify the code in the block function and it doesn't make
sense to do that check that late either since it's a simple check that
hardly can go wrong.
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An emacs major mode for editing nix expressions.


A quick list of what is provided.


nix.el contains some miscellaneous tools for Nix developers. Interactive functions include:

  • nix-unpack - unpack source of a Nix attribute.

    To use this just type:

    M-x nix-unpack

    Followed by your Nix path & attribute path.

  • nix-build - build a Nix derviation.

    This is meant to work similarly to M-x compile. It will use your current directory & build it if there is a default.nix there.

nix.el also provides some basic functions for interfacing with Nix. Some variables are provided to point to the Nix binaries that can be used in Lisp code:

  • nix-executable
  • nix-build-executable
  • nix-instantiate-executable
  • nix-store-executable
  • nix-shell-executable

Other useful functions for Lisp scripts are provided:

  • nix-system - Get the current system, detected by Nix


nix-repl.el has two purposes.

First, it provides an interface for completion, used by nix-company.el.

Second, it provides an interactive function to open an repl. You can open this with:

M-x nix-repl


This repository is based off of the nix-mode.el file originally located in the Nix repository at misc/emacs/nix-mode.el. Please see the CHANGELOG file for a list of changes.

Other Emacs packages

@shlevy has an excellent package for integrating nix-shell into emacs. It is available at shlevy/nix-buffer.

@travisbhartwell also has some package dealing with Nix. They are available at travisbhartwell/nix-emacs.