Vim support for Laravel/Lumen 5+ projects
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Vim support for Laravel/Lumen 5+ projects.


⚠️ This is a prerelease version, which may introduce breaking changes.


  • The :Artisan command wraps !php artisan with intelligent completion.
  • Automatically edit new files generated by :Artisan make:* commands.
  • Navigation commands (requires projectionist.vim):
Command Applies to...
:{E,S,V,T}asset Anything under assets/
:Ebootstrap Bootstrap files in boostrap/
:Echannel Broadcast channels
:Ecommand Console commands
:Econfig Configuration files
:Econtroller HTTP controllers
:Edoc The file
:Eenv Your .env and .env.example
:Eevent Events
:Eexception Exceptions
:Efactory Model factories
:Ejob Jobs
:Elanguage Messages/translations
:Elib All class files under app/
:Elistener Event listeners
:Email Mailables
:Emiddleware HTTP middleware
:Emigration Database migrations
:Enotification Notifications
:Epolicy Auth policies
:Eprovider Service providers
:Erequest HTTP form requests
:Eresource HTTP resources
:Eroutes HTTP routes files
:Erule Validation rules
:Eseeder Database seeders
:Etest All class files under tests/
:Eview Blade templates
  • Enhanced gf command works on class names, template names, config and translation keys.
  • Complete view/route names in insert mode.
  • Use :Console to fire up a REPL (artisan tinker).


Laravel.vim has optional dependencies on composer.vim, dispatch.vim (the :Console command), projectionist.vim (navigation commands), and nvim-completion-manager (insert-mode completion):

Plug 'tpope/vim-dispatch'             "| Optional
Plug 'tpope/vim-projectionist'        "|
Plug 'roxma/nvim-completion-manager'  "|
Plug 'noahfrederick/vim-composer'     "|
Plug 'noahfrederick/vim-laravel'

Credits and License

Thanks to Tim Pope for rails.vim on which Laravel.vim is modeled.

Copyright © Noah Frederick. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.