Foundation Bootstrap Team
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Foundation Bootstrap Team

This is the operating repository for the Foundation Bootstrap Team.

The Foundation Bootstrap Team is the temporary body tasked with managing community recommendations for the transition of the merged Node.js and JS Foundation to a permanent governance model.

The files in this repository are living documents and will never represent finished governance. Once we reach consensus on governance, this repository will be archived and the documents will be moved to their new home in a Foundation specific Github org.

Until such a time that this group has consensus on a new governance model, and the Foundation has any legal requirements satisfied, all projects, programs, and committees will continue to operate unchanged.

Upon enactment of this new governance model, this working body will be disbanded.

Note: If there is to be an extended Bootstrap transition committee to, for example, provide oversight in the organization's first year, those criteria must be defined as a new program in the proposed governance model. There is no extension of this specific group's life-cycle.


Throughout this repository we may use assorted acronyms and jargon to describe many complex concepts. This language is subject to change as we iterate on proposals. To help onboard and level-set, we will maintain an active list of commonly used language here. If you see domain specific language used in this repository that is not represented here, please add it!

Vocabulary Definition
Bootstrap This repo, team, and process.
Contributor You, and anyone that interacts with this repo.
Ignition The decision to move forward with the new governance structure.
TLCs The Top Level Councils of the project – Currently proposed as CPC and C3 (defined below)
CPC A new proposed Top Level Committee – The "Cross Project Council
C3 A new proposed Top Level Committee – The "Cross Community Council
CNCF The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (Prior Art)
COC Code of Conduct
MVF Minimum Viable Foundation – The bare minimum governance documentation to operate a function joint foundation
Proposal The staged proposal feedback and iteration process followed in the /proposals directory.


The deliverables from this body will be:

  • A recommendations document to help inform the new Foundation's by-laws.
  • A recommendations document to help inform the TLCs' charters.
  • A collection of fully drafted governance documents required for "Ignition". This is "Minimum Viable Foundation" (MVF).
  • A collection of program, initiative, and governance recommendation documents not required for MVF. After Ignition these will be passed to the appropriate bodies (CPC, C3, etc.) to execute.

Making proposals

Anyone may submit an idea for a policy or program following the staging process.