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#Post Mortem Diagnostics Working Group

The Postmortem Diagnostics working group is dedicated to the support and improvement of postmortem debugging for Node.js. It seeks to elevate the role of postmortem debugging for Node, to assist in the development of techniques and tools, and to make techniques and tools known and available to Node.js users.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Defining and adding interfaces/APIs in order to allow dumps to be generated when needed
  2. Defining and adding common structures to the dumps generated in order to support tools that want to introspect those dumps

The members of the working group include:

  • Howard Hellyer (@hellyeribm)
  • David Pacheco (@davepacheco)
  • Julien Gilli (@misterdjules)
  • Michael Dawson (@mhdawson)
  • Chris Bailey (@seabaylea)
  • Bradley Meck (@bmeck)
  • Daniel Khan (@danielkhan)
  • Joshua Clulow (@jclulow)
  • Yunong Xiao (@yunong)
  • James Bellenger (@jbellenger)
  • Luca Maraschi (@lucamaraschi)
  • David Mark Clements (@davidmarkclem)
  • Richard Chamberlain (@rnchamberlain)
  • Richard Lau (@richardlau)
  • any others interested from the community