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nOS is a NEO-powered virtual operating system that serves as the gateway to the Blockchain-powered Smart Economy.

The nOS Client (Developer MVP Release) allows for the development of Decentralized Applications that interact with Smart Contracts in the back-end.

Getting Started with nOS

The standalone client installers can be found here. To build manually, the client can be cloned from GitHub and run using the development steps below.


# Cloning from Github
git clone

# Install dependencies and launch the nOS client
# This is used to start developing on the nOS client
yarn install && yarn start

# Testing command
yarn test

# Testing with debug (repl) command
yarn test:debug

# Distribution command
yarn dist

Getting started with nOS Development

Need some help with building nOS dApps? Check out our dedicated documentation website containing useful info for the following topics:

Future resources:

  • Tutorials
  • List of known bugs
  • List of coming features

Contribute to this repository

We welcome contributions to the code base. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please read the contributing guide that covers the following:

There is a specific channel called develop on Discord to discuss development.

Contribute by building a dApp on nOS

Check out the documentation of the Create nOS dApp CLI tool to get going quickly.



Windows & Linux

We use CircleCI to automatically create builds based upon git tags.

  1. Create a tag, e.g. 1.0.0. a. git tag -a 1.0.0 b. git push origin 1.0.0
  2. Wait for deploy_win64 and deploy_linux jobs to finish on CircleCI.
  3. Open "Artifacts" tab & download executable files.


  1. Create the distributable, i.e. yarn dist.
  2. Locate executable file dist/nOS-1.0.0.dmg.