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Fast C# CSV parser
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Ultra-fast C# CSV parser: implements stream reader and writer. NuGet Release

  • very fast: x2-x4 times faster than JoshClose's CSVHelper
  • memory efficient: uses only single circular buffer, no allocations in heap for CSV of any size
  • lightweight: bare csv parser with simple API
  • tolerant to not-fully correct CSV files, you can control max length of CSV file (useful for processing end-user CSV uploads)
  • can be used for stream processing of many-GB CSV files
  • supports .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Core

How to use

Parse CSV stream:

using (var streamRdr = new StreamReader(inputStream)) {
  var csvReader = new CsvReader(streamRdr, ",");
  while (csvReader.Read()) {
    for (int i=0; i<csvReader.FieldsCount; i++) {
      string val = csvReader[i];

Generate CSV to stream:

using (var streamWr = new StreamWrite(outputStream)) {
  var csvWriter = new CsvWriter(streamWr);
  // write line
  csvWriter.WriteField("Value with double quote\"");
  csvWriter.WriteField("And with\nnew line");

Who is using this?

NReco.Csv is in production use at and PivotData microservice.


Copyright 2017-2018 Vitaliy Fedorchenko and contributors

Distributed under the MIT license

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