Cross-platform build automation system
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  • Cross-platform build automation in pure C#
  • Extensive wizard for setup of initial build implementation
  • Bootstrapping for .NET Core and .NET Framework/Mono
  • CLT wrappers for over 30+ of the most popular .NET tools
  • Extensions for ReSharper, Rider and VS Code for improved build experience

🎓 Getting Started

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  1. Install the global tool via dotnet tool install -g Nuke.GlobalTool
  2. Invoke nuke :setup in a project of your choice
  3. Follow the wizard to setup a build
  4. Invoke nuke to execute the build (invokes or build.ps1)

On our website there is a complete getting started guide that explains all the basics of this project.


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If you want to contribute, please first get personal with us about your intentions on Slack. This largely increases the chances for pull-requests getting accepted and helps us establishing a clean and meaningful design of new features. At the same time it reduces the chances of duplicated work.



Copyright 2018 Maintainers of NUKE.

This project is provided as-is under the MIT license. For more information see the LICENSE file.

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