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Nuxt TypeScript starter template

A Nuxt 2 + @nuxt/typescript starter project template.


Create your repository by Use this template button from this template and clone into your local.

Then, run below command and follow its message.


The command will ask your preference for the API to write Vue component among:

  • Options API
  • Class API with with nuxt-property-decorator
  • Composition API (Experimental) with @nuxt/composition-api


Run Development server

npm run dev

Go to http://localhost:3000

Build/Run SSR enabled application

npm run build
npm start

Static Generation

Netlify Status

npm run generate #=> Then distribute /dist


  • Q. How about providing sample usage of "xyz" (The name of OSS which you want to use)?
    • A. Recommend running into create-nuxt-app. This template aims to provide a minimal sample that follows the latest version of Nuxt.js and @nuxt/typescript.
  • Q. I think the usage of Vuex is not typed enough...?
    • A. We know! We desire the next major version of Vuex (v4) saves our bacon.

Miss the old way of this repository?

That still alives on master branch.