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Memory model for OCaml (herd formalisation)

This repo contains the memory model for Multicore OCaml, formalised using herdtools7. Unless you're into axiomatic memory models, you might prefer to read the high-level overview on the Multicore OCaml wiki.

To play with it, you'll need to install herd and generate the litmus tests:

opam install herdtools7

The litmus tests (both the manually written and auto-generated ones) are in LISA format, which is a simple assembly language that's part of herdtools7. For OCaml, we use the [a] and [n] attributes on reads and writes to distinguish atomic and nonatomic accesses (i.e. Atomic.get/set and ordinary ref cells). (See the ocaml.bell file where these are defined).

You can run the model with


which will print the results of simulation with the contents of the litmus directory. There are some alternative modles in alt-models, in varying states of decay. It might be interesting to compare them with

diff -u <(./run-model) (./run-model alt-models/

If you're interested in a particular litmus test, you can use herd to visualise a particular execution:

herd7 -web -bell ocaml.bell -model \
  -show prop -evince litmus/auto/W+RWC+pona+poan+ponn.litmus