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The Data-Oriented Language for Sane Software Development.

The Odin Programming Language

Odin is a general-purpose programming language with distinct typing, built for high performance, modern systems, and built-in data-oriented data types. The Odin Programming Language, the C alternative for the joy of programming.


package main

import "core:fmt"

main :: proc() {
	program := "+ + * 😃 - /"
	accumulator := 0

	for token in program {
		switch token {
		case '+': accumulator += 1
		case '-': accumulator -= 1
		case '*': accumulator *= 2
		case '/': accumulator /= 2
		case '😃': accumulator *= accumulator
		case: // Ignore everything else

	fmt.printf("The program \"%s\" calculates the value %d\n",
	           program, accumulator)


Instructions for downloading and installing the Odin compiler and libraries.

Get the latest nightly builds of Odin.

Learning Odin

An overview of the Odin programming language.

Answers to common questions about Odin.

Documentation for all the official packages part of the core and vendor library collections.

A wiki maintained by the Odin community.

Get live support and talk with other Odin programmers on the Odin Discord.


The official blog of the Odin programming language, featuring announcements, news, and in-depth articles by the Odin team and guests.


  • The Odin compiler is still in development.