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ODPi TSC Materials, Guidelines, and Meeting notes
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As defined in the TSC Charter, the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) oversees all technical projects hosted in the ODPi.

What does the TSC do?

The TSC isn't here to legislate and dictate how a project runs, but does serve to establish and maintain project lifecycles, establish criteria for a project to be hosted by ODPi, ensure projects have the resources and tools to be successful, and resolve conflicts or issues that any ODPi project may call them to do.


The composition of the TSC as follows:

ODPi TSC At Large ODPi community members serve for a period of 1 year starting from January 1 of each calendar year. ODPi community members consist of individuals either participating in an ODPi project.

Current voting members

  • Mandy Chessell - ODPi Egeria lead (Chairperson)
  • Cupid Chan - ODPi BI and AI lead
  • Ganesh Raju - At Large
  • Arun Nair - At Large
  • Alan Gates - At Large
  • Maryna Strelchuk - At Large

TSC Projects

ODPi TSC is a home for open source projects within the big data ecosystem. The TSC ensures that big data projects have the support they need to be successful, with flexability on governance and licensing to ensure the community can operate and grow successfully.

Below are projects supported by the TSC, listed by project stage.





The processes and policies for the TSC to manage incoming projects and project stages to be hosted by the TSC, as well as guidelines for projects, are in the process section.


The TSC meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6am US Pacific Time/9am US Eastern Time.

You can review past meeting notes and the calendar of meetings.

For the next TSC meeting, you can propose agenda items either via email to the TSC, or as a pull request against those meeting notes.

Conference call details

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

  • iPhone one-tap: US: +16465588656,,150810490# or +16699006833,,150810490#
  • Telephone:
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