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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 18, 2022. It is now read-only.
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Generate an IP-address-to-ASN database compatible with Maxmind


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ASN MMDB generator

Status: discontinued. See probe#1959 for additional information on why we discontinued this repository.

Code for generating the asn.mmdb we use in OONI clients.

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This generator uses routing data from RIPE and ASN data from CAIDA. The top-level script is named ./

The following diagram illustrates the data flow.


The following helper scripts exist:

  • ./ parses ASN data from CAIDA and writes them to an intermediate file for later consumption;

  • ./ deduplicates ASNs by choosing the most common occurrence and merges routing data extracted using bgpdump to CAIDA ASN data;

  • ./ writes the asn.mmdb file.

Each individual script contains a comment explaining with greater detail what its input and output look like.

The VERSION file changes every time we bless a new release: we need something to change in the tree to make a release.


Run ./ to smoke test asn.mmdb.


This generator is designed to run on Debian GNU/Linux. It may work also on other Unix-like systems. Please, see the CI build script to see which are the expected dependencies.

Release process

Run ./ from the master branch without any uncommitted changes or untracked files and follow instructions.