OONI Components design system
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.storybook Add storybook to visualize and demonstrate components in the repo Jun 7, 2018
bin Fix lint errors Oct 16, 2018
components Merge pull request #46 from ooni/fix/theme-structure-fonts Dec 15, 2018
stories Fix lint errors Oct 16, 2018
test Fix lint errors Oct 16, 2018
.babelrc Pin more versions and add babel-plugin-styled-components Jan 25, 2018
.eslintrc.json Fix lint errors Oct 16, 2018
.gitignore Unbrick components with the new styled-components Sep 14, 2018
.npmignore Loosen icons .npmignore Sep 15, 2017
.travis.yml Add travis configuration to run tests Dec 15, 2018
ChangeLog.md Fix fonts definitions in theme based on new rebass specs Dec 15, 2018
LICENSE Follow the node.js pattern for LICENSE files Dec 8, 2017
package.json v0.2.3 Dec 15, 2018


OONI Design System Build Status

This is the home of the ooni-components design system.

yarn add ooni-components