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OpenBases Python

PyPI version CircleCI


This is a small module with helper functions and scripts for using Open Bases tools. Please contribute at openbases/openbases-python on Github. Documentation is here

Just... no!




Quick Start

To install

git clone
cd openbases-python
python install
pip install openbases

There are different console entry points depending on the kind of functions that you need.

Open Bases Icons

Get an icon from openbases-icons

$ ob-icons
$ ob-icons --help

Open Bases Icons [v0.0.1]

usage: ob-icons [--version] [--regexp REGEXP] [--help] [--url URL] [--n N]
                [--sep SEP]

OpenBases Python Icons

optional arguments:
  --version        show openbases python version
  --regexp REGEXP  regular expression filter for icon name
  --help           show openbases icons help
  --url URL        complete url for json list of icons
  --n N, --N N     number of icons to return
  --sep SEP        separator to print icons to screen (default newline)

icons usage

Open Base Badges

Generate badges and strings of badges with the ob-badge entrypoint

$ ob-badge 

Open Bases Badges Python [v0.0.3]

usage: ob-badge [-h] [--version] general usage ...

OpenBases Python Badges

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --version      show openbases python version

  actions for openbases

  general usage  description
    view         view options for style, labels, etc.
    create       extract values from a
$ ob-badge create experiment labjs

badges usage

Open Bases Paper

ob-paper is the console entry point for interacting with a paper, typically a

$ ob-paper help

Open Bases Paper Python [v0.0.0]

usage: ob-paper [--debug] [--quiet] [--version] general usage ...

OpenBases Python Paper

optional arguments:
  --debug, -d    use verbose logging to debug.
  --quiet, -q    suppress all normal output
  --version      show openbases python version

  actions for openbases

  general usage  description
    get          extract values from a
    shell        start an interactive shell with openbases paper

For complete usage, please see:

Have fun!