Aroma Package

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The Aroma package is a special version of the regular 'Super' package, but with a graphical front-end that will allow you to select which specific applications to install (or not) without having to manually write a gapps-config file. Note: For versions of 5.0 and lower the Aroma package is based on Stock, and not all options shown are actually available within the package. This package has a dedicated thread at XDA.

Screenshots of each step of the installation process are located here


AROMA has some known issue, which varies by device and recovery version.

OnePlus One (bacon)

  • Known working TWRP versions:
  • Known broken TWRP versions:,,

OnePlus X (onyx)

  • Known broken TWRP versions: 3.0.2-0

Moto G (falcon)

  • Known broken TWRP versions: