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1. What are GApps?

Google Apps (a.k.a. GApps) are the proprietary Google-branded applications that come pre-installed with most Android devices, such as Google Play Services, Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc. Due to licensing restrictions, these apps do not come pre-installed with ROMs others than those from vendors that are part of the Open Handset Alliance and must be installed as a sideload package by the user themselves.

2. How to use Open GApps?

You can download one of the Open GApps pre-built packages from OpenGApps.org or you can compile a package yourself using the instructions from The Open GApps Project Github page. Copy or download the Open GApps package to your device, i.e. to /sdcard/. Start your device in recovery mode. Within recovery you can choose for install zip (sometimes called apply update) and choose the Open GApps package to install it.

3. I'm having problems that I believe are Open GApps related. What can I do to fix it?

There are 2 things you can do that are almost always guaranteed to fix these types of problems. Please do not post a support request until you have tried these first.

  1. Make certain you are using the latest version of TWRP Recovery for your device. - Other Recovery types are not officially supported
  2. Reinstall your ROM and GApps as part of a 'Clean' install - This will remove any data corruption that might be causing your issue
  3. Make sure you don't have Xposed modules or other potential low-level interfering apps like Amplify installed. - Applications that do tweaks or hacks on your system are potential cause of various issues and can only be resolved by the developers of those apps

A 'Clean' install consists of the following:

  1. Factory Reset (or manually wipe (format) Data partition - Internal Storage wipe is NOT necessary)
  2. Manually wipe (format) your System partition
  3. Flash your ROM
  4. Flash GApps package
  5. Wipe the Dalvik & cache
  6. Reboot

NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR DATA AND APPLICATION SETTINGS using this method. Be sure to do a NANDroid backup prior in case you want to restore later.

4. I'm having a problem with my Open GApps install. What information do you need to help me?

At a MINIMUM you will need to post your open_gapps_log.txt attached in the XDA Q&A Forum or in our Gitter channel, where the community can try to answer your questions and help you resolve any problem. However, the best method to receive support would be to post your debug logs (open_gapps_debug_logs.tar.gz), using the same method. You will find both of these logs in the same folder as the Open GApps zip file, after the installer has completed.

As with most support forums, the more work you do up front and the more information you provide, the better the feedback you're likely to receive. If you're not willing to put any effort on your end, you'll likely receive nothing from the forum, either.

Directly opening an issue on the Open GApps GitHub page without consulting the XDA Forum first is NOT appreciated for bugs in the pre-built OpenGApps.org package and tends to only slow project development instead of helping it. If you experience a bug with a package please first post the the XDA Forum or on Gitter for further investigation and feedback.

5. I'm getting a 'Status Error 6' when I try and install these GApps with CWM. What can I do to fix it?

It likely means you're using CWM v6.0.4.7 or CWM v6.0.4.5 Recovery, which is NOT compatible with Open GApps packages.

The problem is due to CWM v6.0.4.7 overwriting the installation script, thereby making it impossible for the installer to do its work. Thankfully, CWM realized the error in doing this and fixed the issue in newer versions. This 'bug' is only found in CWM v6.0.4.7, so even an older version should work, although upgrading your Recovery would be preferable to downgrading.

Also, since CWM is no longer being updated by its original developer (ClockWordMod), it is highly recommended (and required if you want official support) to change to an actively supported Recovery, such as TWRP Recovery

6. Open GApps install failed with Error Code: XX. What does this code mean?

Error codes have been added to the installer since many users, apparently, don't know how to scroll back through the recovery window and read the actual error message that the installer provided. While there is also a detailed explanation of the error (along with a solution) provided in the log file (open_gapps_log.txt), Error Codes have been added as a final attempt to communicate the error with the user.

Using the information below, you will find a current list of the Error Codes that that install may encounter - along with a recommended solution:

  • #10 - Failed to set-up busybox: Your recovery does not support setting up a busybox-environment for our installer
    • Solution: Please update your recovery to the latest version or switch to another one like TWRP (recommended)
    • Hint: If you are already using the latest version of your recovery but it still doesn't work, you should contact the developers of your recovery about this issue. (e.g. here for CM Recovery or TWRP)
  • #20 - Incorrect (incompatible) ROM Version: ROM is not compatible with the Open GApps package
    • Solution: Read your open_gapps_log.txt for details on the incompatibility
  • #25 - No build.prop or equivalent: ROM misses this essential file and/or any of the fallback .prop files
    • Solution: Contact your ROM maintainer and ask to include this file
  • #30 - Your ROM uses transparent compression, but your recovery does not support this feature. This could result in corrupt files for anything you do in recovery
    • Solution: Update your recovery before flashing ANY package in recovery to prevent data corruption
  • #40 - NON-Open GApps Currently Installed: Your device has an incompatible GApps package currently installed
    • Solution: Read FAQ #12 for an explanation and step by step instructions to fix
  • #64 - Incompatible device architecture: Your device has been detected as having a different kind of architecture then the package used. Like arm vs arm64 vs x86 etc. Install the correct Open GApps version for your device.
    • Solution: Use a compatible version of the Open GApps package for your device's architecture.
  • #70 - Insufficient Space Available in System Partition: Your device does not have sufficient space available in the system partition to install the Open GApps package
    • Solution: Read FAQ #11 for a detailed explanation and alternative options

7. I read that 'Google Camera can only be installed during a Clean Install or as an update to an existing Open GApps Installation.' What does this mean?

Experience has shown us that users who install this application FOR THE FIRST TIME during a 'Clean install' GApps installation almost never have issues or problems with these apps. However, there have been several reports of users experiencing FCs or other strange behavior when they have tried to install these apps later (with GApps), after their device has been set up.

To ensure the best possible user experience, Open GApps will only allow this application to be installed FOR THE FIRST TIME as part of a 'Clean' install (data wiped) installation. Updates to an existing System (Open GApps) installation will also install fine, plus you can still freely update these apps from the Play Store and have the Open GApps installer update them later with the next Open GApps update.

A 'Clean' install consists of the following:

  1. Factory Reset (or manually wipe (format) Data partition - Internal Storage wipe is NOT necessary)
  2. Manually wipe (format) your System partition
  3. Flash your ROM
  4. Flash GApps package
  5. Wipe the Dalvik & cache
  6. Reboot

NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR DATA AND APPLICATION SETTINGS using this method. Be sure to do a nandroid backup prior in case you want to restore later.

8. I have Google Clock and/or Google Keyboard installed but don't appear to be so when I use the Google Play Store, I see a 'Install' button instead of an 'Update' button. Why?

These applications are only correctly processed by the Android system if installed DIRECTLY THE FIRST TIME during a 'Clean install' GApps installation. If installed at a later moment (a so-called 'Dirty install') the system will not correctly link these apps to their Google Play Store entries.

A 'Clean' install consists of the following:

  1. Factory Reset (or manually wipe (format) Data partition - Internal Storage wipe is NOT necessary)
  2. Manually wipe (format) your System partition
  3. Flash your ROM
  4. Flash GApps package
  5. Wipe the Dalvik & cache
  6. Reboot

NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR DATA AND APPLICATION SETTINGS using this method. Be sure to do a nandroid backup prior in case you want to restore later.

9. My device reboots when I receive or make a phone call. Why?

If your device has Google Dialer installed, it requires to be set as the default Phone application. If not set, it will reboot your device. Go to 'Settings -> Apps -> "Gear Icon" upper right -> Default Apps -> Phone App' to set Google Dialer as your default. Another permission you can set for the Google Dialer is to grant it access to system settings. This will allow you to set ringtone related settings via the app.

10. I receive "Unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped working" after installing OpenGApps on Android 6.0 or higher. Why?

The "Unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped working" happens if the proper permissions are not granted to the Google Setupwizard. This can happen when upgrading from a lower Android version to 6.0 or when NOT flashing GApps directly after flashing the ROM on a 'Clean install'. Please read Notes for Android 6.0 and Notes for CMSetupWizard. If this doesn't help you can you'll need to do a 'Clean install'.

A 'Clean' install consists of the following:

  1. Factory Reset (or manually wipe (format) Data partition - Internal Storage wipe is NOT necessary)
  2. Manually wipe (format) your System partition
  3. Flash your ROM
  4. Flash GApps package
  5. Wipe the Dalvik & cache
  6. Reboot

NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR DATA AND APPLICATION SETTINGS using this method. Be sure to do a nandroid backup prior in case you want to restore later.

11. Open GApps install failed with the message 'Insufficient storage space available in System partition'. My device has 16GB (or more) of storage available. How can this be?

Your ROM and GApps are installed in the system partition. The system partition is a separate, fixed-size, stand-alone partition of storage that varies in size by device. (READ HERE for a complete explanation of the Android File System Structure.) While today's newer devices often come with 1.5GB (or more) of storage in the system partition, most devices that are more than a year old have 1GB or less of system storage available. This, coupled with the fact that Google's applications are becoming larger with every update, means that your device may not be able to accommodate our larger GApps packages.

The reason you won't get this error message with other GApps packages is because Open GApps' installer use a System Partition memory detection system to ensure a successful installation and the ability to restore Open GApps after a ROM update. Most other GApps installers do no such checking and leave the responsibility on you to know if your device has sufficient space available. In addition, our installer will generate a detailed log that will show you exactly how the system space on your device is being used. You will find this log (open_gapps_log.txt) in the same folder as the Open GApps zip file, after the installer has completed. Please refer to it for complete details.

You can choose to install a smaller GApps package or you may want to take advantage of Open GApps' Advanced Features & Options and remove certain apps you do not use or need (Remember, you can always install these apps later from the Play Store).

12. I'd like to switch to Open GApps from another GApps provider. What do I need to do?

Open GApps can only be installed on top of an existing Open GApps installation, OR after wiping your system partition. This is to prevent conflicts that could arise from switching GApps packages. If you use the method outlined below, you won't lose any of your data or application settings

In order to switch to Open GApps from another GApps provider you're no longer using, you will need to (from Recovery - In the order listed):

  1. Manually wipe (format) your System partition
  2. Flash your ROM
  3. Flash Open GApps package
  4. Wipe the Dalvik & cache
  5. Reboot

NOTE: You won't lose any of your data or application settings using this method. This method MUST be used when switching to Open GApps from another GApps provider.

13. What do I need to do if I want to change package variant or change the apps I'm installing?

The short answer is you don't need to do anything besides flash the new package.

All of our GApps packages allow you to change install options or switch packages at any time with no requirements on your end. The installer will handle all the behind-the-scenes work to accomplish this.

14. Can I use Open GApps to update the Google Apps on my Stock ROM?

Yes. Open GApps is normally designed to be installed on custom Android AOSP based ROMs, but includes a 'For Stock' mode that can be used to install the package on Stock ROMs. It is important though that the Stock ROM conforms the Google Nexus filesystem structure. Be aware that if a ROM does not conform to this standard, this cannot be detected and your installation can break, so make sure to backup your data beforehand.

NOTE: Support questions about this feature should not be asked in the main Open GApps XDA thread, but in its own special XDA thread

15. I'm having problems with Google Camera after installing Open GApps Stock. Please fix it!

While Google does say that Google Camera 'Works on phones and tablets running Android 4.4 and up', they clearly didn't intend to include every KitKat or Lollipop ROM on XDA. They likely meant this to include devices running stock or factory versions of Android with proper drivers and kernels. In addition, Photo Sphere and Panorama require a gyro sensor and Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Lens Blur require at least 1 GB RAM. And HDR+ is only available on the Nexus 5 and 6, according to the Play Store description

While even legacy devices are able to run KitKat or Lollipop with a custom ROM, many of these ROMs do not have properly updated KitKat or Lollipop drivers and/or kernels. Instead, they're using modded, patched, or hacked versions of older drivers and kernels. It's likely these situations that lead to problems and/or incompatibilities with Google's camera app. This means that there's NOTHING the Open GApps Team can do to fix this problem for you. Your only likely option is to NOT use the Google Camera on your device or try installing it from the Play Store instead.

16. Open GApps packages are so big. Will I have any space left over for my stuff after I install?

Open GApps will use LESS of your device's available storage than using a 'bare bones' GApps and downloading the apps from the Play Store. This is because GApps are installed entirely in the System partition, leaving the Data (User) partition for your non-Google apps. Since the System partition is a fixed size, installing GApps here uses storage that would otherwise be left unused (and unavailable for other use).

17. Why are Open GApps packages so much larger and slower to install than other GApps packages?

Open GApps are larger than other GApps packages for a couple of reasons:

  • The main reason is that all our GApps packages (and that really means ALL, and not just Google Services Framework) include the PROPER version of Google Play services for YOUR device. Instead of installing a generic, obsolete, or a potentially improper version, the Open GApps installer detects the hardware dpi of your device and then installs the PROPER version of the applications that are intended for your device. This means that the Open GApps packages must include multiple versions, which significantly increases the size of the packages.
  • To reduce the size of the package, with so many versions in it, we use extra strong lzip-compression within the ZIP-file itself. This impacts the speed of package extraction in a negative manner, but reduces the package size by more than 75%, so is definitely worth it.
  • Open GApps Stock and Super include all of the Google Apps that (did) come by default on Google Nexus devices. Since our intention is to enhance the Google Android experience, we don't think it makes sense to limit the apps included in these Open GApps package.

18. Is it necessary to reinstall Open GApps EVERY time I update my ROM?

Probably not. If your ROM supports addon.d backup functionality (most ROMs do), it's not necessary to install Open GApps with each ROM update - as long as you don't manually wipe the System partition. The backup script will backup your installed GApps and restores them after your ROM has been updated. However, it is a good idea to install an updated GApps from time to time as functionality may be added or improvements made.

19. What if an app is updated in the Play Store? Should I install the update or wait for a GApps update?

Go ahead and install the update. The next time you update Open GApps, Android automatically will remove the app you installed from the Play Store if the Open GApps' version is newer than the version you installed from the Play Store. Just be certain to wipe Dalvik and cache after flashing the updated GApps. Before 5.1 even with an equal version this would happen, but with 5.1+ you'll have to manually 'uninstall updates' if the versions are the same.

20. Can I install an updated Open GApps package without updating my ROM?

Certainly! Simply install the Open GApps package directly from Recovery and wipe Dalvik and cache after flashing the updated GApps.

21. How come you don't include {MyFavoriteApp} in Open GApps?

For an application to be included in Open GApps, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • It must be a Google App (GApps = Google Apps.)
  • To be included in the 'Stock' package it must be an application that comes by default on the current Google Nexus flagship device.
  • To be included in the 'Stock' package it must be a globally used app (not language or country specific).
  • To be included in the 'Super' package it must have appeared at least once pre-installed on an official Google device.

22. I found a newer version of {MyFavoriteApp} on APKMirror.com. How come you didn't include it in the latest GApps?

Just because an apk is uploaded to APKMirror or has an article written on Android Police, doesn't mean it will automatically be included in Open GApps. Only apps that can be verified that Google has intended for public release will be included. The primary method used to determine the latest version of an app is the Google Play Store date, which HAS ALWAYS listed the date of the most recent public release for the most current version of Android. So, if you find an updated apk on APKMirror and don't see it included in Open GApps, it's likely a leak or preview version. Of course, you're always free to sideload the leaks and previews on your own, should you desire.

23. There are a couple of apps I never use. Can I uninstall them?

Using the Advanced Features & Options, you can actually bypass the installation or remove any GApps installed application from your device. You could also choose to freeze / disable the app. This will prevent the app from using valuable system resources and leaves the unused app lying dormant in the System partition where it's not using any of your available storage. Plus, the app will remain disabled even after you update GApps.

24. How do I Freeze / Disable an app?

By going to Settings > Apps > {scroll to ALL} > {select app} > Disable.

25. Can I use Titanium Backup to integrate GApps updates into the ROM?

It is NOT recommended to use Titanium Backup to integrate GApps updates into the ROM. The reason is, using Titanium Backup to integrate GApps updates is going to be hit or miss, at best. That's because Titanium Backup does not integrate the supporting libraries (*.so files). Therefore, if an application update includes updated libraries, the integration will fail or fail to offer complete functionality. The reason it "seems" to work sometimes is that supporting libraries are often not updated when the application is updated. In those cases, the integration will work fine because the older libraries are the correct ones. If an application doesn't have supporting libraries then Titanium Backup integration works fine. However, our recommendation is to NOT use Integration.

26. I'm stuck on "Checking Connection" in the welcome screen, why does it not progress?

The welcome screen will attempt to connect to Google, if you're in a country that blocks Google services e.g. China or Google is having connectivity issues it will get stuck here. To bypass this you need to tap each corner in a clockwise direction, going round a few times. You will then skip the Google Setupwizard and you'll have access to the home screen where you can install the VPN of your choice to access Google. (as shown in http://pocketnow.com/how-to/android-quick-tip-how-to-bypass-touch-the-android-to-begin-video )

27. "OK Google" keyword recognition doesn't work in my language (e.g. non US English). Why?

People experience this bug even on Stock ROMs. Probably there is a bug in Google's code, but as it is closed source, we cannot really tell. To still try to make it work for different language than US English, you can try:

"Google Search" app -> Settings (on the left side, press the 3 tiles buttons) -> "Voice" -> Language

and choose "US English" as main language and your native language as alternative one. This often does the trick. If voice recognition is still not working, you should try to use factory reset (described here)

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