TVStock Package

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This package is for Android TV devices. It includes all the Google Apps that come standard on the Nexus Player.

In this package you will find the core Google system base, Google Android Shared Services, Google Play Store together with the non-Play Store applications:

  • Android TV Customization
  • Android TV Widget
  • Gamepad Pairing Service
  • Global Key Interceptor
  • Landscape Wallpaper
  • Leanback Keyboard
  • Overscan Calibrator
  • Pairing Tutorial
  • Remote Control Service
  • Second Screen Setup
  • Second Screen Setup Auth Bridge
  • TV Voice Input

and the following Play Store applications:

  • Android TV Launcher
  • Android TV Remote Control
  • Backdrop Daydream
  • Google Cast Receiver
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Search
  • Google Webview
  • Live Channels
  • TalkBack
  • TV Recommendations
  • YouTube
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