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This page describes what is contained in various directories

  • /opt/ona -- standard default install location

  • /opt/ona/install -- files used for initial installation and upgrades

  • /opt/ona/bin -- other modules and system level scripts would go here. this could be included in your $PATH at the shell

  • /opt/ona/etc -- various configuration type files for system level scripts such as build_bind, build_dhcp etc. It is a paring to things that might usually go in /etc or /usr/local/etc

  • /opt/ona/sql -- This is where stored .sql files would live.. these are visible using the ona_sql module

  • /opt/ona/www -- where the core of the code lives.. would be exposed by your webserver

  • /opt/ona/www/modules/ona -- This is the code that does the real work. executes modules from here. the GUI uses these modules to do add, modify, delete type operations.

  • /opt/ona/www/winc -- this is where most of the GUI code is. There are files for each of the various GUI screens. winc stands for Window Include.

  • /opt/ona/www/workspace_plugins/builtin -- contains the definitions to generate the small boxes of data that show up on display workspaces in the GUI. Some day should be moved up a dir and drop the 'builtin' directory. Plugins can have their own workspace_plugins but those should live with the plugin.

  • /opt/ona/www/local -- this is the directory where you install plugins and other local updates to ONA.. this directory will not be overwritten during updates.

  • /opt/ona/www/include -- Various common library things that are used by the rest of the system.

  • /opt/ona/www/config -- Initial configuration files. You should not ever need to touch these.. if you need to make changes that would be in /opt/ona/www/local/config