extra config options

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Extra Config Options

As you might know, you can control various aspects of ONA via the Menu->Admin->Manage system config dialogue.

The given Name/Value pairs are pretty straightforward, but let's see what config options you can add.

  • skip_version_check [0 or 1] - disable version check on workspace. ONA will check for the latest version by contacting the main opennetadmin.com website each time you open the ONA application. This allows you to disable that check.
  • title [string] - Browser Windowtitle (default: OpenNetAdmin)
  • http_proxy [http://proxyhostname:1234] - Define a proxy to use for outbound communications. This is currently only used by the version check plugin but could be used by others in the future as needed. It requires the http url reference portion, then a dns name or IP of the proxy server and then optionally a : with a port number for the proxy
  • force_https [0 or 1] - Set to 1 to force the usage of https for ONA. This will cause ONA to redirect using https if not provided in the URL. This does not effect dcm.pl however.
  • disable_guest [0 or 1] - Set to 1 to disable auto guest user login. This will force any unauthenticated request to a standalone login screen first. This does NOT prevent users from logging in as the guest user however, so if you don't want that, then delete or change the guest user password.
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