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Upgrades should automatically be detected and performed. As usual MAKE A BACKUP FIRST! Its likely that I screwed something up and your data will be ground into a fine dust. Currently the autoupgrade of database elements only works when using a MySQL database.

Quick steps for upgrade:

  • edit /opt/ona/www/local/config/database_settings.inc.php
    • edit the db_type setting and change it to 'mysqli' if it is not already.
  • Git pull
    • cd to /opt/ona or wherever you've installed it
    • git pull
  • (OR) Download new tar file
  • chown www-data /opt/ona/www/local/config (or whatever your web server user is)
  • Point your browser to http://localhost/ona/?runinstaller=y OR use cli installer php /opt/ona/install/installcli.php
    • If you do not run the upgrade installer you may run into issues. You must execute the link above after installing the tar archive.
  • After the license info you will be informed that an upgrade will occur. Select OK to the upgrade (after your backups n stuff)
  • If there is any new database updates they should be applied and you should see a note about the upgrade_index being updated as well as version numbers.
  • Once in, should see the latest version number displayed on the dashboard.
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