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C. elegans robots.

The goal of this project is twofold:

  1. To build a robot that simulates the neuromuscular function of a C. elegans nematode worm.
  2. To specify a kit of parts and instructions that will allow a student to also build the robot.

The robot is controlled by a Raspberry Pi/ESP32 processor that contains a recorded simulation of the worm's neuromuscular system (see references). The robot's body is a sequence of segments that mutually exert simulated muscle contractions impemented by servos.


  1. WormHost: PC code to communicate with the onboard Raspberry Pi.
  2. WormRPi: Raspberry Pi onboard code.
  3. WormESP32: ESP32 onboard code.
  4. WormSim: C. elegans neuromuscular simulator.
  5. assembly: parts list, 3D printing .stl shape files, and assembly instructions.
  6. docs: robot description.

References: Boyle, Berri and Cohen, "Gait modulation in C. elegans: an integrated neuromechanical model", Front. Comput. Neurosci., 2012. Eduardo J. Izquierdo and Randall D. Beer, "An Integrated Neuromechanical Model of Steering in C. elegans", ECAL15