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Oracle Quick Start

Automated deployments of enterprise software on OCI.

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Oracle QuickStart

Automated deployments of enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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  • Oracle – our primary GitHub organization
  • Fn Project – the container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform
  • Helidon – cloud-native set of Java libraries for writing microservices
  • Java Community Process – developing standard technical specifications for Java technology
  • Java EE – the Java Enterprise Edition platform
  • LiveLabs – workshops for building and deploying applications using Oracle's technologies
  • MySQL – the world's most popular open source database
  • OpenJDK – OpenJDK development and related repositories
  • Oracle DevRel – developer code samples, tutorials, and more
  • Oracle GitHub Actions – GitHub Actions from Oracle
  • Oracle Sample Projects – new projects and sample applications
  • Oracle Terraform Modules – Terraform modules for provisioning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources
  • Quick Start – automated deployments of enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Verrazzano – an open source enterprise container platform curated by Oracle


  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Quick Start

    Python 65 25

  2. Instructions to get your environment ready to deploy OCI Quick Start examples

    PowerShell 38 20

  3. oci-h2o Public

    Terraform module to deploy H2O Driverless AI on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

    Shell 7 8

  4. MuShop - Cloud Native microservices demo for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    JavaScript 214 152

  5. Terraform module to deploy Couchbase on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

    HCL 3 4

  6. Quickstart Terraform configuration for tenancy setup according to CIS OCI Foundations Benchmark.

    HCL 93 76


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