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The Premier Dating App for Dinosaurs

Contrary to popular opinion, all dinosaurs were not killed when a giant space rock struck the Caribbean basin 65 million years ago.

A small group of dinosaurs survived on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean and they need our help!

Because of their large body size, they have to spend most of their day hunting and gathering food. They are far too busy (and, it appears, too shy) to find their perfect match, the love of their life. As a consequence, there aren't enough new baby dinosaurs (who are, by the way, super cute).

Surely we cannot allow the last group of remaining dinosaurs to go extinct! To do our bit to help avoid that outcome, we have created DinoDate, the premier on-line dating service for dinosaurs.

Using the most advanced features of Oracle Database and leveraging the most popular programming languages, we will provide a website that will make it easy and fun for any dinosaur to that perfect someone.

Prerequisite Technologies

  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Modern web browser
  • See the file located in the directory of your chosen language for specific prerequisites.

Learning Platform

DinoDate is a constantly changing platform for learning how to integrate advanced Oracle features into different programming languages.

This is example code but feel free to send improvements, or requests for new features.


Restful API

DinoDate is an open source project. See CONTRIBUTING for details.


Copyright (c) 2016 Oracle and/or its affiliates The MIT License (MIT)


DinoDate is "a fun site for finding your perfect Dino partner". It is a learning platform to showcase Oracle Database features using examples in multiple programming languages.




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