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VisualVM (master) sources repository

VisualVM is a visual tool integrating commandline JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities. See for details, downloads and documentation.

Get the tools

Use Apache Ant 1.9.9 or above and Oracle JDK 8 to build VisualVM from this repository.

Get the sources

First download or clone this repository into directory visualvm. There are two project suites included:

  • visualvm (visualvm/visualvm) - suite for the core VisualVM tool
  • plugins (visualvm/plugins) - suite for the VisualVM plugins available in Plugins Center

Configure the dependencies

Then download and extract the NetBeans Platform 14 into directory visualvm/visualvm (should create visualvm/visualvm/netbeans).

Build and run VisualVM tool

To build VisualVM, use ant build-zip command in the visualvm/visualvm directory. To run VisualVM, use ant run command in the visualvm/visualvm directory.

Build and run VisualVM plugins

To build or run the plugins suite, use ant build or ant run in the visualvm/plugins directory. This will automatically build the zip distribution of the core VisualVM tool into visualvm/visualvm/dist/ and extract it into the visualvm/plugins/visualvm directory. After that the build of the plugins suite continues to build each of the individual plugins. Running the plugins suite means starting VisualVM with all the plugins installed.


We highly appreciate any feedback! Please let us know your ideas, missing features, or bugs found. Either file a RFE/bug or leave us a message. For legal reasons, we cannot accept external pull requests. See CONTRIBUTING for details.