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OSM in memory
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Atlas is a way to efficiently represent OpenStreetMap data in memory. A subset of the data is in a "navigable network" form, meaning anything that is assumed to be navigable will be in a form of Nodes and Edges in a way a routing algorithm could traverse it. It also provides easy to use APIs to access geographical data. On top of it all, it is easy to shard and re-stitch, making it perfect for distributed processing!

Projects using Atlas:

  • atlas-generator: A Spark job to distribute Atlas shards generation
  • atlas-checks: A suite of tools to check OSM data integrity using Atlas, and Spark.
  • josm-atlas: A JOSM plugin to visualize Atlas data.

Getting started

For build instructions and to contribute, please see the contributing guidelines.


Language Level
Java Full feature
Python Basic

What's in it?

As well as other handy tools:


For more information, please contact our community projects lead Andrew Wiseman.

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