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pg_rman is an online backup and restore tool for PostgreSQL.

The goal of the pg_rman project is to provide a method for online backup and PITR that is as easy as pg_dump. Also, it maintains a backup catalog per database cluster. Users can maintain old backups including archive logs with one command.


There are several branches within pg_rman repository in order to work with different PostgreSQL server versions without introducing server version check code blocks. Please choose a branch to match the PostgreSQL version you will be building pg_rman against.

  • master : branch for PostgreSQL 17 Test
  • REL_16_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 16 Test
  • REL_15_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 15 Test
  • REL_14_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 14 Test
  • REL_13_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 13 Test
  • REL_12_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 12 Test
  • REL_11_STABLE : branch for PostgreSQL 11 Test

How to use

To take an online backup, use the backup command:

$ pg_rman backup --backup-mode=full --with-serverlog
INFO: copying database files
INFO: copying archived WAL files
INFO: copying server log files
INFO: backup complete
INFO: Please execute 'pg_rman validate' to verify the files are correctly copied.

To list all the backups taken so far, use the show command:

$ pg_rman show
  StartTime           EndTime              Mode    Size   TLI  Status
 2023-11-28 12:14:03  2023-11-28 12:14:05  FULL   342MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:13:56  2023-11-28 12:13:57  ARCH    16MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:13:52  2023-11-28 12:13:53  ARCH    16MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:13:24  2023-11-28 12:13:26  FULL   375MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:13:15  2023-11-28 12:13:17  INCR    33MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:12:48  2023-11-28 12:12:50  INCR    33MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:12:36  2023-11-28 12:12:38  INCR    33MB     1  OK
 2023-11-28 12:11:51  2023-11-28 12:12:00  FULL  3366MB     1  OK

To restore from a backup, use the restore command. Up to PostgreSQL11, note that pg_rman itself generates the recovery.conf file required to perform PostgreSQL PITR.

$ pg_ctl stop -m immediate
$ pg_rman restore
$ cat data/recovery.signal
# recovery.signal generated by pg_rman 1.3.16
$ cat data/pg_rman_recovery.conf
# added by pg_rman 1.3.16
restore_command = 'cp /home/postgres/arclog/%f %p'
recovery_target_timeline = '1'
$ pg_ctl start

After to PostgreSQL12, note that pg_rman itself added PostgreSQL PITR related options to postgresql.conf file and generates the recovery.signal file in $PGDATA.

To see more options to use with each command, run pg_rman --help.

Also, see the documentation for detailed usage:

How to build and install from source code

Go to the top directory of pg_rman source tree and run the following commands:

 $ make
 # make install

The following packages need to be installed as a prerequisite.

  • zlib-devel

How to run regression tests

Start PostgreSQL server and run the below command.

 $ make installcheck