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Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF)


  1. The purpose of the Identifying Security Threats working group is to enable stakeholders to have informed confidence in the security of open source projects. We do this by collecting, curating, and …

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  2. OpenSSF Security Tooling Working Group

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  3. The Best Practices for OSS Developers working group is dedicated to raising awareness and education of secure code best practices for open source developers.

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  4. The OpenSSF Vulnerability Disclosures Working Group seeks to help improve the overall security of the open source software ecosystem by helping mature and advocate well-managed vulnerability report…

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  5. Our objective is to enable open source maintainers, contributors and end-users to understand and make decisions on the provenance of the code they maintain, produce and use.

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  6. Helping allocate resources to secure the critical open source projects we all depend on.

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