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Angular UI Development with PrimeNG

Written by Oleg Varaksin and Sudheer Jonna. Powered by the dream team - Angular 4 and PrimeNG 4. 💫

Book on Packt's website:

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with Angular and PrimeNG

    • TypeScript fundamentals you need to know
    • Advanced types, decorators, compiler options
    • Angular cheat sheet: overview of key concepts
    • Angular modularity and lifecycle hooks
    • Running PrimeNG with SystemJS
    • Setup PrimeNG project with Webpack
    • Setup PrimeNG project with Angular CLI
  • Chapter 2, Theming Concept and Layouts

    • Understanding structural and skinning CSS
    • Organize your project structure with Sass
    • Simple ways to create a new theme
    • Responsive grid system in PrimeNG
    • Bootstrap flexbox layout meets PrimeNG
  • Chapter 3, Enhanced Inputs and Selects

    • Formatted input with InputMask
    • Auto suggestion with AutoComplete
    • Entering multiple values with Chips
    • Discovering checkbox: Boolean, Many and TriState
    • Choosing items with single and multi select components
    • Basic and advanced calendar scenarios
    • Spinner and Slider – different ways to provide input
    • Text editing with rich and in-place editors
    • Password and star-based rating inputs
    • Validation with Input and Select components
  • Chapter 4, Button and Panel Components

    • Enhanced Button, RadioButton and SplitButton
    • Selecting value by ToggleButton and SelectButton
    • Grouping buttons with Toolbar
    • Arrange your view with Panels and Fieldsets
    • Vertical stacked panels with Accordion
    • Grouping content with tabs in TabView
  • Chapter 5, Data Iteration Components

    • Multi feature DataTable
    • Selecting rows in DataTable
    • Sorting, filtering and paginating data in DataTable
    • Customizing cell content with templating
    • Resizing, reordering and toggling columns in DataTable
    • In-cell editing with DataTable
    • Making DataTable responsive
    • Using column and row grouping
    • Handling tons of data with lazy DataTable
    • Row expansion by providing row template
    • Export data in CSV format
    • DataTable events and methods
    • Listing data with DataList
    • Listing data with PickList
    • Listing data with OrderList
    • Grid-organized data with DataGrid
    • On demand data loading with DataScroller
    • Visualizing data with Tree
    • Visualizing data with TreeTable
    • Managing events with Schedule
  • Chapter 6, Amazing Overlays and Messages

    • Displaying content in Dialog
    • Displaying content in Lightbox
    • Multipurpose scenarios with OverlayPanel
    • Notifying users with Messages and Growl
    • Tooltips for form components
  • Chapter 7, Endless Menu Variations

    • Statically and dynamically positioned menus
    • Creating programmatic menus by MenuModel
    • Accessing commands via Menubar
    • ContextMenu with nested items
    • SlideMenu – menu in the iPod style
    • TieredMenu – submenus in nested overlays
    • MegaMenu – the multicolumn menu
    • PanelMenu – hybrid of accordion and tree
    • TabMenu - menu items as tabs
    • Breadcrumb – providing contextual information about page hierarchy
  • Chapter 8, Creating Charts and Maps

    • Working with chart model
    • Data representation with line and bar charts
    • Data representation with pie and doughnut charts
    • Data representation with radar and polar area charts
    • Drawing organization chart for relationship hierarchy
    • Basic integration with Google Map API
    • Various use cases with GMap component
  • Chapter 9, Miscellaneous Use Cases and Best Practices

    • File uploading in all its glory
    • Learning Draggable and Droppable directives
    • Displaying collection of images with Galleria
    • CRUD sample implementation with DataTable
    • Deferring mechanism to optimize page loading
    • Blocking page pieces during long-running AJAX calls
    • Process status indicator in action
    • Selecting colors with ColorPicker
    • Displaying confirmation dialog with guarded routes
    • Implementing custom wizard component with Steps
    • Introduction to state management with @ngrx/store
  • Chapter 10, Creating Robust Applications

    • Setting up unit testing with Jasmine and Karma
    • Unit testing of Components and Services
    • Tip how to speed up unit testing
    • Setting up e2e test environment with Protractor
    • Writing automated UI tests at a glance
    • Exploring PrimeNG application with Augury and ng.probe

Additional Resources:

  1. The Angular's official internationalization support powered by PrimeNG components is explained in this blog post and the GitHub project is available here:
  2. The internationalization support for Angular and PrimeNG using ngx-translate is explained in this blog post and the GitHub project is available here:
  3. PrimeNG 4.1 RELEASE changes(new components, new features, bug fixes and improvements) are explained in this blog post and the GitHub project is avialable here:
  4. The PrimeNG dataTable supporting JSON nested structure is explained in this blog post and the GitHub project is available here:
  5. JHipster-PrimeNG module is explained in this blog post and the GitHub project is available here:
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