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Overview lets you search and understand your documents.

It will bulk-ingest many document formats such as Office documents, PDFs, plain-text files and email archives. You can organize your uploads into Document Sets.

Overview provides search, visualization, analysis and collaboration tools. And it also supports an ecosystem of "plugins" that give new ways to look at your files.

Overview is designed for investigative journalism, legal analyses, e-discovery and text-heavy research projects.

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Compared to others

Got documents? Maybe we're the right tool; maybe we aren't. Here's how we compare to the other services vying for your attention.

  • Windows, Mac OS and Linux have built-in tools that let you search a folder full of PDFs. Overview's interface lets you read the same files faster. It also converts images and Office documents to PDF.
  • Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Adobe DocumentCloud you search documents (and they can even convert images to text, like Overview). But Overview is far, far faster at flipping between documents.
  • is perfect for publishing documents on news websites. It also has rudimentary search tools. Overview has more advanced Search features, and it's faster at flipping through hundreds, thousands or millions of documents.

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This software is Copyright 2011-2020 Jonathan Stray, Adam Hooper, Overview Computer Services, Inc. and Overview Computing Inc. and distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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