ownCloud Documentation (v2)
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ownCloud Documentation

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This project is a port of the ownCloud documentation, that was previously generated using Sphinx-Doc, to Antora. Fundamentally, not that much has changed.

All of the same information is still available. However, here's what has changed:

  1. The platform (and tools) used to build the documentation, which is Antora.
  2. The file format that the documentation is written in, which is AsciiDoc.
  3. The UI & UX of the documentation

Contributing to the Documentation

To get started contributing to the documentation, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Generating the Documentation

To generate the documentation, whether in HTML or PDF format, please refer to the Building the Documentation guide.

Common Content and Styling the Documentation

If you want to suggest an improvement to the ownCloud documentation theme, such as the layout, the header or the footer text, or if you find a bug, all the information that you need is in the docs-ui repository. Changes made in docs-ui are valid for the whole documentation.

Please read how to test un-merged docs-ui changes with content from the ownCloud documentation.

Best Practices and Tips

Please refer to Best Practices and Tips for more information.