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Simple Java Calculator

Logo Simple Java Calculator

This calculator is simple with an easy to use code to help novices learn how to create a calculator program with Java.

This project was originally written using Eclipse, but I have migrated it to NetBeans.

If you use the executable "SimpleJavaCalculator.jar" file and that doesn't work, you can type this in your terminal:

java -jar /your_calculator_directory/SimpleJavaCalculator.jar`

✨ Example

Example: Java Calculator

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💡 Authors

Base Application

Modifications and Improvements

📮 Contact

Pierre-Henry Soria: pierrehs [AT] hotmail [D0T] com

Achintha Gunasekara: contact [AT] achinthagunasekara [D0T] com

⚖️ License

Apache License, Version 2.0 or later; Read license.txt for further details.