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Multi-Taper Power Spectral Density Library
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        MTPSD - Multi-Taper Power Spectral Density estimator

Copyright (c) 2012 Antonio Sanchez <>

Licence: GPLv3

Project web page:


Dependencies:  FFTW3, LAPACK, (optional: GNU Octave)

Windows:  Adjust variables in the Makefile to point to your compiler/Octave installation.
          e.g.  CC=mingw32-g++-4.4.0-dw2.exe

*nix:     May need to set compiler in Makefile
          e.g.  CC=g++


Copy 'lib/libmtpsd.a' and/or 'lib/libdpss.a' to your system's lib directory
Copy 'include/*.h' to your system's include directory
Copy 'bin/mtpsd.oct' and 'bin/dpss.oct' somewhere where Octave can find them
Copy 'bin/dpss' to your system's bin directory

See the MTPSD documentation (pdf) for more options/details.
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